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Economic Definition of aggregate demand determinant consumer confidence. Defined.

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Term aggregate demand determinant consumer confidence Definition: One of several specific aggregate demand determinants assumed constant when the aggregate demand curve is constructed, and which shifts the aggregate demand curve when it changes. An increase in consumer confidence causes an increase (rightward shift) of the aggregate demand curve. A decrease in consumer confidence causes a decrease (leftward shift) of the aggregate demand curve. Other notable aggregate demand determinants include interest rates, federal deficit, inflationary expectations, and the money supply.;aggregate demand determinants;interest rates, aggregate demand determinant;federal deficit, aggregate demand determinant;inflationary expectations, aggregate demand determinant;money supply, aggregate demand determinant;exchange rates, aggregate demand determinant;physical wealth, aggregate demand determinant;financial wealth, aggregate demand determinant;change in aggregate demand;change in aggregate expenditures;aggregate demand shifts;slope, aggregate demand curve;aggregate supply determinants;aggregate demand;aggregate expenditures;aggregate demand and market demand;determinants;gross domestic product;consumption expenditures;investment expenditures;government purchases;net exports;price level;real production;GDP price deflator;real gross domestic product


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